Word Shape with Type

In this task we were asked to make quick markings from adjectives. The markings didn’t necessarily have to relate to the word, you just had to put down the first thing that pop into your head when you heard the word, with about 2 seconds to do the markings, not thinking too much of what your markings turned out like.



Next, we had to choose one of our markings and the word that went with that marking, to combine then together. We had to also make a hand crafted type to go with the marking shape.

I chose the word optimistic and the marking I done for it to use. I like this marking the best out of all the markings I had done as it was unusual and also easily incorporated into the word.


After I had chosen my marking and the word the went with it, I then started combining the two and seeing which worked the best.

These are my initial ideas:









I decided to chose the image below to use as my ‘Word Shape’ with type.


After choosing this image, I then scanned it onto the computer. I brought it into Photoshop to adjust the levels to make the image black in the image darker and saved it as a pdf. Next, I opened it up in Illustrator and image traced it and expanded it to get rid of the background behind it.

IMG_1743 copy

Then I experimented with colours and designs, and also I worked on different layouts of were the type would be placed on the page.

Optimistic (4Done)

I scanned the marking on it’s own also and done a few variations with the image chosen above and then the marking again but used in different ways.




I choose the one below as my type looks quite similar to graffiti type and I thought the colours worked really well and they complimented the type well too.


I started to do different layouts of the word image on pages to see were it might work best.

Optimistic2      Optimistic3

I decided to put the same word image in black behind the word image style i had chosen and I think it looks quite cool and different. It looks more like a design in the background, but in fact it’s the same word as image just in black behind it.