Journey Project

Critical Evaluation:

At the start of this project I had lots of ideas that would work with the title ‘Journey’ but that didn’t last long. I found myself stuck for an idea that I wanted to do, that I found interesting and I began to worry as classmates seemed to be able to come up with an idea and stick with it and I wasn’t able to it so easily. I had to go through multiple ideas to arrive at my final idea, which proved to be a lengthy process but it turned out well as I wouldn’t have come to this idea if didn’t go through each of the phases in eliminating ideas.

I feel this project represents what I’m interested in showing that I like to explore with typography. I’ve also found typography really interesting, as you can play around with it and experiment with different techniques. For this project though I found a new love for motion type after attending talks at OFFSET (a three day design conference) which opened my eyes to possibly a career in motion graphics. I decided I wanted to explore this more and thought since I had been struggling with an idea that would catch my attention, I would instead try out motion type for my project. The process from here on was quite straight forward and enjoyable, as I had finally found something that was interesting to base my type project on. I enjoyed experimented with type in lots of different ways and enjoyed researching into different ways of designing my type / coming up with concepts to base my designs on.

Problems and challenges I faced were, initially coming up with a strong idea and sticking to it, as this proved to be a major problem which seen me change ideas multiple times throughout the project. Another challenge I faced, specifically on my final project idea was that I had never really used After Effects much let alone be able to create type using it, so that would be a challenge to learn the software.

I received client feedback throughout with a couple of minor suggestions but overall the feedback was really positive. The people that I showed initial prototypes to were intrigued by the concept of creating moving type but to have stills of it for posters and cd covers and they like how it was looking so far.

From this project, I learned that its ok to struggle with projects and that sometimes you need to go through several ideas to arrive at your best one and that the process may be long but ends up turning out better than you had expected. I also learned that I really enjoy creating motion type, as normally I would have created type using either Illustrator or Photoshop but for this project I realised that it seemed to work better in After Effects for me personally.

If I could do this project again I would honestly keep it the same as I loved how it turned out but if I was to make any changes they would be; the amount of finished pieces ( I would have created more) and to try more styles in After Effects with my typography.

Overall, the project started off on a rocky start but I soon realised it was a good struggle and I needed to go through it to arrive at my chosen idea, as I loved how my work turned out in the end.

PDF Link to Design Brief:

design brief



Journey is a self directed project where you will gain experience generating ideas for an ‘idea in a specific Context’. You will learn how to manage a more complex visual arts project be it social, cultural or a commercial consideration.

To begin, I decided that I wanted my project to consist of either type, patterns, or low-poly geometric imaging, as these where the types of work I enjoyed designing.

Initial Research



Low-poly geometric examples:

These are some examples of low-poly art that I made as part of my initial research.






Top 5 Ideas Chosen:

I narrowed it down to five possible ideas that I could base my project on;

– Journey through movies-

For this idea I would be taking well-known/famous quotes from popular films and illustrating them using various lettering and type. Another way to show the journey through movies, I could take popular movies from certain years and create a reinvented movie poster for it using lettering.

Examples of movie quotes;

“There’s no place like home” – The Wizard of Oz

“To infinity and beyond” – Toy Story

“Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” – The Godfather Part II

“After all, tomorrow is another day!” – Gone With the Wind

-Journey through nature-

For this idea there is a couple of ways I could go;

-using the colours, textures and shapes from things in nature and turning them into patterns, typography or using a low-poly technique to illustrate an image.

(using the textures and shapes from nature, e.g. flowers, leafs etc and creating either a pattern or type with them)

– Journey around the world-

Illustrating patterns/typography to illustrate the names of certain places around the world and using things that are associated with that place incorporated into the text.

-Typography / Lettering-

For this idea, I would explore lettering / typography, as this would be a journey of exploration for myself because I enjoy creating this type of work and would love to be able to expand on it and try new techniques for it.

-Journey through poetry-

Taking quotes/lines from poems and illustrating them with lettering/type, incorporating the meaning behind the poems.

-Journey through music-

This idea would consist of a journey through music, maybe posters for gigs/concerts or album/single covers illustrated with either type or imagery.



Initial Typography Research:


Craig Ward is a British born Designer and Creative Director, currently based in New York. Occasional artist, sometime author and contributor to several industry journals, he is known primarily for his pioneering typographic works. This website represents an edited selection of his output since his graduation in 2003. A regular public speaker, his work has also been  shown, awarded and documented in countless books, magazines and exhibitions in cities such as London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and more.

( )

This artists work is amazing and very inspiring. I love how he has experimented with the different styles of type and tried multiple techniques to show the type.  Even though I would love to do an idea similar to the work above, I am not set on the idea and wanted to explore a few more ideas first in relation to this project.

Idea – Take One (Packaging/Labelling):

After looking at the artists work above, I decided that I didn’t really want to do any of my initial ideas that I had come up with when I was brainstorming. I then began to think of other ideas that I could maybe do that interested me and that I enjoy making. I realised that maybe my idea would be packaging design, as I did a project last year as part of one of my modules for Butlers Chocolate, creating packaging inspired by Art Deco ( the link to that project is below).


I decided that I would like to explore packaging design more, as the Butler’s packaging project project was by far my favourite design from last year out of all my projects and I also have a strong interest in packaging design.

 Packaging Examples (Dieline):


Here are some examples of packaging designs that I looked at for design and concept inspiration. There are many different designs above in the images and trying to narrow down what type of packaging I’d like to do was hard, as I wanted to do them all. I loved the look of the designs with patterns on them and thought this idea could work for me, as I also like to create patterns too.





 Tea Packaging:

Tea packaging seemed to be a fitting concept for my packaging, as first off I love tea and secondly there are many different ideas for the packaging that I could do with different shapes and designs using patterns. I began then to look at some examples of tea packages and I love how each design is completely different but the all work for this type of work.


Here are some initial patterns I created for the tea packaging:


I decided to take the first pattern that I had created and apply it over a template for my packaging, to give me and idea of how it would be laid out.



Another huge part of packaging is labelling, so I thought that I would research into it too and see if I could get any ideas.


These designs are unique as you rarely see patterned labels on beer bottles or cans but it makes them stand out compared to all the dull boring packaging that may be on the shelf beside them.

After looking at the examples above, I decided to do labeling as part of a packaging idea and design wine bottle packaging instead of tea packaging.



 Guidance for ‘Journey’ (Small Project)

This was the next stage of the project, which was a ultimately another step to generating ideas, setting goals for your project and yourself, looking at possible failures/challenges etc.

-PHASE 1 DELIVERABLE: Exploration-


‘Journey through Packaging Design’


  • To come up with a visually pleasing design
  • Learn more about packaging design and labeling
  • To improve from my last packaging design project
  • To gain new skills


  • I will begin with research into packaging and packaging designs
  • I will look at wine labeling in more detail
  • What type of product I want to base my packaging design on


  • Finding new ways of creating patterns
  • Putting together the packaging at the end
  • Trying new techniques
  • Labeling a wine bottle
  • Laying out the information on the packaging/labels
  • Creating a company to use for packaging

My project will be based on a ‘Journey through Packaging Design’. The discipline of package design focuses on producing a container that will get noticed. By skilfully teaming colourful graphics, a unique shape, or any other eye-arresting method. No matter how beneficial the product inside the container may be, unless a consumer decides to pick it up, that product will never get tested. Some project goals I will set for myself are; to come up with a visually pleasing design, to learn more about packaging design, to improve from my last packaging design project and to gain new skills. My starting point for this project will consist of mostly research in packaging / packaging designs and also to decide what type of product I would like to base my packaging design around. With project goals comes challenges and some that I will face are; finding new ways of creating patterns, trying new techniques, putting together the end product, laying out the information, creating a company to use for packaging, and labeling wine bottles




-PHASE 2 DELIVERABLE: The Design Statement-

The challenges mentioned above and how I will try and overcome them / experiment:

Finding new ways of creating patterns:

  • Patterns in Photoshop
  • Other ways to create patterns in Illustrator

Trying new techniques:

  • Watercolour
  • Photography
  • Textures

Putting together the packaging at the end

  • Different shaped packaging
  • Trying to label and design around a wine bottle
  • Research materials to use for packaging

Laying out the information on the packaging

  • Keep it simple
  • Only include important information


Design Statement:

‘Journey through Packaging’

I will be designing packaging for a wine company that I will create for the purpose of this project. I will create a package design for different wines and which will have a bottle of wine inside with labeling designs on them. I will need to research into the history of wine, the different flavors and other tea packaging designs. During this project, I have a list of challenges I want to overcome which are listed above in Phase 1. I will experiment and explore with new techniques, ways of packaging (shapes and designs) and also the layout of the information. For this project, I want to try and push myself more than my last packaging project and try new things, like different techniques for the designs (watercolour, textures, photography etc) and also how everything will be laid out and presented.

  • I will experiment with packaging designs and shapes – for this I will create small prototypes of different styles of packaging.
  • I will also experiment with design techniques – for this I will try creating designs with watercolour, photography and textures.

Failures I might expect:

  • For the design techniques not to turn out how I envisioned them and then having to resort to only patterns – I will learn from this that maybe their are other ways to create a design that I have envisioned and patterns may be the best option depending on the design.
  • To not find a packaging template/shape that works well with the design – I will learn from this that not to go with just any shape and that it has to work well with the design for the overall packaging to work.
  • Labeling not going onto wine bottle right or not sticking well.

Wine Labeling Examples:




 -Phase 3 Deliverable: Experimentation and Application-





Initial Pattern Designs:


Coloured patterns:


Exploring photography as a different technique:

Original Photo:


I changed some of the filters on Photoshop and got these results with the image:

Then I brought some of them over to Illustrator and turned them into patterns:




After experimenting with both patterns and photography, I got a wine bottle mock up with I then began to but my designs onto so that I could see how they would work and what they would look like.




Packaging Design:


-Phase 4 Deliverable-

3 failures anticipated:

  • New ways of creating patterns
  • Laying out the information on packaging
  • Creating a company to use for the packaging

3 failures not anticipated:

  • I wasn’t expecting for the image quality to turn out bad from InDesign, so I had to go back and fix them again
  • The InDesign layout was a little hard to work with trying to get enough space for each image without squashing them to much
  • Another failure I wasn’t anticipating was that drawing my designs on paper first was making it harder, so I just began to draw them up on illustrator instead.

I’ve learned for creating my patterns, that I found it much easier to draw up my designs in illustrator rather than a notebook, especially because I work better on a computer than a notebook most of the time anyways. Therefore, for the rest of my project I will continue to draw most of my designs up on illustrator with the occasional use of my notebook for this.


Surface Pattern Designers:

Elizabeth Olwen

Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based surface designer. Inspired by pastoral beauty,
nature in its most playful forms, folklore, and romance, Elizabeth’s work is driven by the desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step she takes.

Elizabeth’s love affair with pattern began many years ago as a child mesmerized by the orange floral drapes in her mother’s kitchen. Surrounded by bold, unapologetic prints, patterns were something that she could lose herself in; a window to faraway places. Patterns have been an ever-present part of her life since, and she believes that beautiful patterns create the backdrop to a beautiful life.

Elizabeth draws inspiration from the world around her—from her city, to the beautiful forests of Ontario, to her cherished adventures abroad. She’s inspired by antique shops and flea markets, classic fairytales and British landscapes, and the vintage fabrics and wallpapers she collects. Her clients include Land of Nod, Cloud9 Fabrics, Madison Park Greetings, Art Print Japan, Nest, Febreze, Target and many more. She teaches Pattern Design classes on Skillshare, to over 20K students, and is one of the founders of the  Field Trip pattern & illustration show in New York City.


Abigail Borg


She set up my studio in 2009, inspired by my love for illustration, colour and pattern. Her first collection was a range of hand-drawn and digitally printed wallpapers, designed for her graduation project at Leeds College of Art. This body of work then went on to win her the Business Design Centres ‘New Designer of the Year 2008’ award, which is where she was first noticed by Liberty of London who became my first stockist. She has since gone on to design further ranges of wallpapers, as well as furnishing fabrics and various home-wares.


Bonnie Christine

She grew up snuggled back in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, where her love for patterns started a very long time ago. She spent countless afternoons at her mom’s creative quilt shop, sewing, crafting and falling in love with fabric. A childhood spent with hands in her mother’s fabric stashes quickly turned into dreams of designing my own fabrics.

She is mostly inspired by the great outdoors, from the largest of trees to the tiniest of leaves. Creating patterns with summery sweet hues is her happy place. She thrives on botanical gardens, sunshiny days, and nature walks- camera in one hand, sketchbook in the other. Her goal has always been to create patterns that are organic and natural, joyful and lovely. She believes patterns are one of the ways that we can express ourselves and make our spaces beautiful.She loves to weave parts of her life into each one of them, making the design process and end results very personal and meaningful.



Idea – Take Two (Christmas Packaging):

Change of Idea:

After trying out some example of layouts on wine bottles, I decided that I didn’t want to do wine bottle packaging and labelling.  I still wanted to do patterns and incorporate them into another idea for my journey project. This then led me back to my initial idea of tea packaging, with I was originally doing before wine labelling. For my tea packaging, I would be doing a Christmas collection of teas consisting of around five designs in total. So I started incorporating some Christmas inspired doodles and digital drawings I had done into patterns;

Individual Images:

These are some of the doodles I created on Illustrator for my Christmas themed pattern.


No Colour Patterns:

These are two of the patterns, one just black and white and the other is black and white with a pop of colour with the wreath included in it.




Coloured Patterns:

Here are my coloured patterns, one of them is coloured exactly how they would be normally and the other has a mint blue, navy, cream and pink colour scheme to it, making it more useable and sophisticated for packaging.


Incorporating patterns:

After designing my patterns, I decided to incorporate them onto coffee cups and mugs to see what they looked like and I realised that I liked how they looked.

Tea Packaging:

I have a strong interest in packaging so I thought to incorporate that with my love of patterns and make some ‘Christmas Tea’ packaging.


This was the PDF I had up for christmas and I was all set to do this as my project idea.

Here is my main idea, using both patterns and packaging;


This is another idea that stemmed from the idea of tea packaging with the patterns and images I had drawn. It was a children’s christmas activity book.



Idea – Take Three (Typography – Final Idea):

After the christmas break, while I had time to reflect on my designs and looking at both the ideas, I then decided to go back on my initial research and look at what other ideas that would work for me. I looked through all my brainstorming ideas and realised an idea that had been standing out the whole idea generation process and that was ‘lettering and typography’. I had look at an artist who had work done similar to work I would like to do and at the time I just wasn’t feeling the idea of that. After reflecting on my other project ideas, I realised that I wasn’t loving the idea of the packaging or labelling and decided that I would go back to my first instinct and do typography/lettering for my project instead.

These are some ideas I was working on, designing both lettering and typography.


This idea was based on a nature / spring type design, which incorporated the letter ‘J’ for january and I was going to make a calendar, doing a different design for the first letter of each month, but I didn’t end up going with this idea.



Then I tried exploring type using different techniques to try find a style to work with. I really loved how the ‘Space’ type ended up, as it was initially an experiment incorporating both type and lines.


Final Idea:

This idea then led me onto the idea of creating type designs through the idea motion typography. This idea got me hooked because while I was at ‘OFFSET’, I had found a new love for VFX and Motion Graphics and I would eventually love to work in this particular design field. It made me think, why don’t I use this project as a chance to further this concept, while still being able to design type.

This is when I came up with my final idea of creating a series of CD covers for several songs that I like, using the type on the cover and creating it using motion effects.

After choosing the final idea, I decided to go back and go through my phases again and to also create a design brief for this project, as I had changed the concept.

-PHASE 1 DELIVERABLE: Exploration-


‘Journey through Motion Typography used on CD Covers’


  • To come up with a visually pleasing design
  • Learn more about motion type
  • To create a serious of typographic designs for my portfolio
  • To gain new skills using After Effects


  • I will begin with research into motion type
  • I will look at CD covers (albums/singles)
  • Research songs to base designs on


  • Finding new design concepts for the CD covers
  • Learning new software techniques in After Effects
  • Layout of the type and colours

My project will be based on a ‘Journey through Motion Typography used on CD Covers’. The discipline of CD Cover designs is entice the consumer to want to chose one over the other. The design has to work well with the song title for the cover too. Some project goals I will set for myself are; to come up with a visually pleasing design, learn more about motion type, to create a serious of typographic designs for my portfolio, and to gain new skills using After Effects. My starting point for this project will consist of mostly research in cd cover designs and also to decide songs etc to base designs on. With project goals comes challenges and some that I will face are; creating motion type, learning new techniques in a software I’ve used once and laying out my type.


-PHASE 2 DELIVERABLE: The Design Statement-

The challenges mentioned above and how I will try and overcome them / experiment:

Finding ways of creating motion type that works with the covers:

  • Using different plug-in effects in After Effects
  • Motion in other softwares

Trying new techniques:

  • Lights
  • Motion
  • Movement

Putting together the type on the covers

  • A fixed layout for cd covers
  • Layout

Laying out the information on covers

  • Keep it simple
  • Only include artist and name of song

Design Statement:

‘Journey through Packaging’

I will be designing several cd covers creating using motion type that I will create for the purpose of this project. I will create designs for each different cover, while also using the designs and creating posters to accompany the covers. I will need to research cd covers, past and present and the different designs. During this project, I have a list of challenges I want to overcome which are listed above in Phase 1. I will experiment and explore new techniques, layouts and type design. For this project, I want to try and push myself to learn about motion type and how it works.

  • I will experiment with type layouts and designs – prototype designs
  • I will also experiment with different motion designs for the type

Failures I might expect:

  • For the designs not to turn out exactly how I envisioned them, as I am only learning motion type in this project for the first time.
  • That the type doesn’t work well when completed.

CD Cover Examples:


 -Phase 3 Deliverable: Experimentation and Application-

These images below are me exploring different techniques for type outside of After Effects. I tried different ways to present the text, using effects related to the type also. I enjoyed this, as it let me try different techniques out.



Then I began to redefine the type and create cd cover designs in photoshop to begin with and see how they managed to turn out. I was happy with how they turned out but I knew they weren’t exactly what I had in mind.



-Phase 4 Deliverable-

3 failures anticipated:

  • Creating designs that work
  • Learning new techniques to be able to use
  • Layout

3 failures not anticipated:

  • I wasn’t expecting for the image quality to not turn out as well when I brought them out of After Effects
  • The techniques I used in after effects, some of them were time consuming and hard to get head around
  • Trying to get plain type to go with my motion type.

I’ve learned that I really enjoy designing motion type and that I would love to explore this particular field and that it wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated it to be. The type turned out better than I had hoped for it and looks so much better compared to the the flat photoshop cover designs.


Design Brief



Group Feedback

As part of the design process, I had a group discussion with my fellow classmates as part of the design process. During this I showed my work and learned the positive, negative and interesting  points related to my chosen idea and was a form of customer research.


Arriving at my Idea ( The Process )



CD Covers:

I loved how these covers looked that I found as part of my research because they show how typography alone can make a cover work overall.


Motion Type:


Song Research:

Top Songs:

  • Major Lazor – Light It Up
  • Martin Solveig – Intoxicated
  • Sigala – Sweet Lovin’
  • Major Lazor ft Justin Bieber – Cold Water
  • Little Mix – Touch
  • Ariana Grande – Everyday
  • Taylor Swift – Shake it off
  • Robin Schulz – Shed a light
  • Labrinth – Earthquake
  • Pitbull – Fireball
  • The Chainsmokers – Don’t let me down







The process of creating the motion type in After Effects and also the layouts.


Options for Layout and Colour:

Here are some colour variations and layouts for the chosen style of type.


Final Design:


This design was inspired by the name of the song ‘Light It Up’. Straight away I knew that I wanted my cover to consist of light and type fused together. I thought the idea of having it like a light up neon sign would work well for this song. I used multiple different techniques and plug-ins to get this effect right.




These were created again in the same way by using after effects and above is when I was experimented with the different styles and layout.

Final Design:



I ended up having two different colour schemes as my final one for this cover, as I wasn’t too sure how the top cover would print out well with the black background.

The inspiration for this cover was also from the song ‘Intoxicated’. I wanted to create an element of this into the type, by using an idea of the type displaced on the cover. Most people when they are intoxicated, start to see there vision become blurred and it makes things seemed as if the are moving even if they are not.




The above images are a few examples of different colour schemes / layouts that I was playing about with to find the right one that worked.

Final Design:


This idea was inspired the idea of incorporating the song and lyrics which brought me to the idea of having it seem as if the water is moving throughout the type and giving each of them a blue colour.



This was the first initial design I created for this song, but decided I already had too much black amongst my album covers.


Final Design:


The inspiration for this cover was based off of the song title. I knew that this type had to consist of some sort of light with type and nothing at all like the light design in ‘Light It Up’. I decided to created a blurred light behind the text with shines around the type.




Final Design:


This cover was inspired by the idea of an earthquake which the song is titled. I wanted my type to show the effect of my particle bits making up the text but break up and fly around, which is similar to the effects of an earthquake.


Final Cover Designs:























Link for CD MockUp:




Here are some photographs of a CD cover mockup I created and photographed myself of one of the cover designs:



While these cover images will be printed out into posters and as mock up designs, I will also be creating an animation to accompany this project, were each of the titles for my cover will be animated with a snippet of the songs that they portray on the covers.

Link to my animation blog page and below that my Type Animation video;