CV / Portfolio Site

Examples of Curriculum Vitae Designs and CV / Portfolio Websites:


I like the idea of having one continuous page for the website, as it is much easier to navigate around. This site has lovely attention to detail throughout and a simple but effective design and colour scheme that works well together.


I like the layout of images. They are centered in the middle of the page and they have just the right amount of spacing between them. I would like to lay my images on my portfolio page similar to this. I also like the ‘about’ part of the page. I like how the text is aligned to the left and there is an image to the right.


I also like the layout here of the images. The different sizes of the images work well are different as they are not the typical layout of just having them all square images.


This layout and design would work if you wanted a simple looking website but you wanted each page to look unique to each other but to still stand out.


I like how each section is separated by a different colour as it makes it easier to look for the different sections. It also makes the site more appealing to look at and more interesting.


I like the layout of this page. I think the different sections are spaced apart well and I like the colours differentiating the different headings and text. The symbols help, which I think i would like to use something similar in my design.


I don’t like the design of this webpage, i think it’s too simple and I don’t like the layout of it either. I think the image separating each side is too big and it doesn’t look right.


I like how the list of skills etc are laid out. I think the idea of having a star rating to show how much skill you have of something is good.


This design gave me an idea for a web page, using the sticky notes as the navigation buttons.


I like how the image sizes are both unique and the usual squared imaging. I like the mix of both, instead of just having one or the other, I think it works really well.


I the design and layout these pages each page is different but i like it, it’s unique.


I don’t like the layout of content on this website. I think it is too much in the one space. Everything is squashed together and on top of each other. I think the simpler the layout of content and design the better it looks.


I don’t like the layout of this page but the part I like is the symbols used for the contact details.



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Sketchs / Ideas:


I liked this design and layout but I just think there is something about it that doesn’t work right. I like the basics of the layout, which i may use and just come with some other ways of arranging it.


I like both these ideas; the top one is a bit too simple with the design and layout. I prefer the bottom layout, as it is a sketch book design, which is an important part of designing.


I don’t really like the top design as it’s a lot like my original web page design, which I didn’t want to use. I wanted to try a different design. I like the bottom idea of having the logo in the center and having it like a book.


I like the home page design, as instead of having a contact page it let’s you know all the ways to contact. Also it means the home page is full instead of being plain. I don’t like the other two designs, as I think the layout is too simple and slightly all over the place.


I really liked how this page worked with layout and design. It is simple but looks well. By having my contact details on the home page, it saved having to have a contact page. From research, I liked the idea of colour co-ordinating different sections using colours from the banner. I thought it would be easier to navigate through. I also liked having my images in my portfolio as thumbnails and when they were clicked on they enlarged in a new tab.



Finished Website ( CV / Portfolio Site – 5th November 2015):


This is a small part of my home page, which had a gradient background with a quick introduction to my website.


This is a small part of my original about page with some of my cv related stuff. Each section on the page had a coloured block with the headings ‘About’, ‘Work Expreience’, ‘Skills/Qualities’, ‘Qualifications/Achievements’.


This is a small part of my original portfolio web page. It followed the same design to my about page, by having a coloured section for each different one. The sections included, ‘Photography’, ‘Digital Work’ and ‘Drawings’.


Responsive (Mobile) Website Examples:


Here is an example of the Domino’s website on a mobile, the difference between having your site responsive and not.


The desktop version on the right doesn’t fit the mobile screen as well as the design on the left, as the right one is for desktop and was not made to be responsive. The mobile on the left was made responsive and fits the screen perfectly.


Here is another example of the difference between a mobile site that is responsive and a desktop site.


This image shows how both these sites used responsive design to adapt there website designs to fit different screen resolutions both desktop and mobile.



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Purpose of a Home Page:


A home page is generally the first page a visitor navigating to a website from a search engine will see, and may also serve as a landing page to attract the attention of visitors.



Here is an example of a home page that is using it’s home page to tell you about himself, what he does and where he is based.


Another website that is using its website to give people an insight to there company and what they specialize in.




Finished Website (Redesigned – Responsive (Mobile) Web Design ):


This is part of my new home page design for my responsive web page design. I researched the purpose of a home page and realised that my home page should have more about myself and my web pages on it, as it is the most visited page on your website. Therefore I took the about part on my previous about/cv page and inserted it on my home page instead.


This is part of my new about/cv page. I changed the design of this page and renamed it as my ‘C.V’ page, as i moved the part about myself to my home page. I decided to go with the same gradient background as my home page for my other web pages too, as it worked better for the responsive design than my previous design. I kept the layout of the sections the same.


This is part of my new portfolio web page. I changed the design on this page slightly too. The same way as i changed the ‘C.V’ page, I got rid of the coloured sections and put in a gradient background to tie in with the rest of the website and it also worked out better for the responsive design for my web pages. Here, I still have the same layout having the different sections of work separate to each other.


Responsive (Mobile) Web Design:


This the responsive version of part of my home page, designed to modify itself for a mobile phone design.


This the responsive version of part of my cv page, designed to modify itself for a mobile phone design.


This the responsive version of part of my portfolio page, designed to modify itself for a mobile phone design.